HDB introduces new system to purchase flats

HDB will be replacing its existing Walk-In Selection (WIS) system for unsold flats with a combined balloting/walk-in sales system called the “Bi-monthly Sale of 4-room and Bigger Flats” beginning Apr 2007. The improved sales exercise will incorporate features of the existing balloting and walk-in selection systems.

Under the new system, HDB will group the un-sold 4-room flats in Punggol under Sector B, which also includes flats in Sengkang and Hougang as well.

The unsold flats will be launched for sale on bi-monthly basis, on the 10th day of the even month. Flats in Punggol that will be on sale will be on 10 June and 10 December. The details are also available on the main page of Punggol Microsite.

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