Premium bus service coming to Punggol?

TODAY newspaper reported that two weeks after guidelines for premium bus services were revised, the Public Transport Council (PTC) has received more than 40 applications. One of the new proposed route is from Punggol to Central Business District (CBD).

Ackzo6-Ventures propose to serve the route Punggol to CBD. Operations manager of Ackzo6-Ventures, Mr Elliot Lin, said: “Before the North-East Line was built, there used to be Express 501 running through Punggol. From our surveys, we found that people still like such services.” If approved, his two routes will run in the morning and charge $2.50 per trip.
Commuters, especially those who work in the CBD, are heartened by the greater number of options. Said Punggol resident, Wendy Chung, 22: “There are now only one or two buses serving the Punggol Field area. I have to wait up to 20 minutes for a bus. With this premium service, there will be more specific arrival times so that’s good.”

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