Coralinus and Sundial updates

Coralinus 1

Construction at Coralinus 1 & 2 has little changes this week and Sundial is near completion.

For Sundial, netting for Blk 167A has been removed. Our web team estimates that residents of Sundial should be able to collect their keys in Q3.

For Coralinus 1, the status are;
MSCP – Building of Level 3 in progress
Blk 301A – Level 11 completed
Blk 301B – Level 12 completed, going on Level 13
Blk 301C – Level 11 completed
Blk 303A – Currently building Level 4
Blk 303B – Currently building Level 8
Blk 303C – Currently building Level 8

As for Coralinus 2, foundation works are still ongoing.

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