Opening of Oasis Station generate less than 10% of revenue: SBS Transit

LRT Train

On 6 April, reported that Edgedale Green residents have been emailing to SBS Transit to enquire abou the opening of Oasis Station. Now, it seems the residents need to wait alittle longer after a reply by SBS Transit.

In a reply to Edgedale Green resident, Rickho, SBS Transit’s Sumini Giman said that a survey was conducted in early January this year to estimate the demand for public transport during the morning peak period.

Their observations showed that the number of potential commuters will generate fare revenue of less than 10% of the costs required to open Oasis station for public use.

SBS Transit reinterate that it is not viable for them to open the station now to serve only a small number of ridership however, they will continue to monitor the situation closely and open the station when more residents move in to stay and take public transport.

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