Fustrated resident at Edgefield Plains

Littering at Edgefield Plains

A resident who has been residing at Blk 178 Edgefield Plains for more than a year recently send an email to Punggol.org. According to the resident, her family had noticed that there are rubbish on the aircon ledges.

While they can understand that other residents may drop things when they hang their clothes, the items on the aircon ledges are actually food packaging, plastic bags, paper, cloth and even used toothpaste tube. Those light-weighted items were flown away by the wind while the heavier ones will remain there till the resident cleared them.

The resident had tried clearing once by climbing over the aircon ledge, however, the rubbish were back within a week. The resident hope to appeal to residents in the area not to litter as there are proper rubbish chute available in the block

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