HDB launches June Balloting/ Walk-In Exercise

HDB has launch the sale of 198 flats in Punggol. This is the second sales exercise under the combined balloting/walk-in system, which has replaced the previous Walk-in-Selection (WIS) system. There are 192 4-room flats, 13 5-room flats and 3 executive flats for sale.

Interested flat buyers can apply for can submit their applications online from today until 18 Jun 07 (Monday). Following the close of the application period, HDB will conduct a computer ballot of all the submitted applications to determine the queue positions of the applicants. Applicants will then be notified of their appointments to book a flat, subject to availability when their turn is due.

Those who have missed the application period can submit their applications online from 8 am on 19 Jun 07 (Tues). They will be given appointments to book a flat after those who have earlier submitted their application within the application period.

The balloting results will also be posted on the HDB website, and Notice Board at HDB Hub Sales Office and all HDB Branch Offices from 21 Jun 07 at 2pm. Applicants can also call HDB’s HomeLink to enquire on their queue position and selection appointment. HDB will also inform all applicants of their balloted position and selection appointment through email and SMS, if they have given us their email address and handphone number.

The selection exercise will commence from 25 Jun 07 until the appointment queue is cleared. The option fee is $2,000 for a 4-room and bigger flat.

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