Which aircon brand is reliable n affordable?..help pls!

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Hi fellow neighbours,

There are many horror stories of Gain City's installation and poor after sales services on renotalk, so please really think twice if you are engaging them.

Like romeo78, I used Aron's services and I must say that his quotes are reasonable as he offers special rates for forummers on renotalk which after comparing, I found to be almost $400 ~ $500 cheaper than Best Denki and other major players.

Don't get me wrong, I am not advertising for him nor do I earn any money from this but I just want to share my aircon installation experience with you guys so that you can make an informed decision.

Site survey
The site survey was done by his supervisor, Sam who is very professional and was able to give me good advice. E.g. Certain units in PS cannot accomodate 2 compressors as their unit aircon ledge is long and narrow. A good example of these units are those which are nearest to the road which leads into PS, i.e. Edgefield Plains. If you look at the aircon ledges there, you will see that some units have 2 compressors which are mounted above each other because the aircon ledge is short and wide. Units on the other side of the same building have longer aircon ledges and are able to accomodate 2 compressors side by side.

Anyway, Sam advised me that mounting the compressors above each other is fine but the only problem is that you will see part of the top-mounted compressor sticking out when you look outside from your service yard. This was because we wanted to have System 3 + 1 initially. He suggested we get a System 4 instead so we only have 1 compressor. However, the living room A/C would have to be a higher BTU as Sam felt that the original unit in the Sys 4 would not be able to cool the living room efficiently. (FYI, the price of the Sys 3 + 1 and Sys 4 we were quoted had a price difference of $100 for the higher BTU A/C).

Next, he went to each room to see how the trunking would be run and advised us on where to place the aircon. This was because we wanted to do false ceilings in certain rooms and that would affect the placement of the aircon and the trunking. Sam tried to run the trunking such that as far as possible, it could not stick out like a sore thumb.

The installation was done by 2 M'sian workers as I was there during the entire installation process. I liked it that the workers do not work blindly following instructions but actually made improvements on the ground. The background story is that the aircon installation was one of the first items to be done and thus, alot of my false ceilings, cabinets were all not done yet. Thus the worker actually consulted us before running the trunkings in order to ensure that it would not interfere with subsequent works such as toilet vanity and such.

Also, during installation, the M'sian worker found that Sam's original plan would involve running the trunking out into the middle of the service yard and then into the aircon ledge but that could be avoided. So he proposed to run it direct into the aircon ledge itself through another route. During the site survey, Sam had thought that route would involved going around a beam and therefore look very ugly but physically, the beam was not there.  So I was very happy that we need not have an ugly trunking running through the middle of the service yard and then out into the A/C ledge. I was also pretty impressed with the worker's proactive attitude.

For our house, the installation of the living room A/C could only be done 3 weeks after the other 3 rooms A/C had been completed as the false ceiling had to be done up first. During this time, they wrapped the A/C to protect it and kept the remote control for safekeeping. Upon final installation of the living room A/C, they did a test run for all the 4 units.

Overall experience
After reading all the horror stories on renotalk about aircon installation, I was quite cautious about the A/C installation but the overall experience had been a very pleasant one. My wife and I were both very pleased with the aircon installation so we have been recommending Aron to our friends as well.

If anyone is interested, you can check out this link on renotalk. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=28271&st=880
What I posted above is my personal experience, so you can read what other forummers are saying about Aron in the above link. His email add is there too.

Hope this has been helpful!

Yes, agreed. My good friend with GC at Sengkang had horrible experience. We're happy to get them as AC supplier n installer. We got Panasonic 3+1 instead of 4 system.So far only left final installation and testing.My ID also told me he work with them before. And the owners and himself have pleasant experience with them.


Well, we've chosen toshiba 3+1, been using toshiba for a very very long time liao n so far no issues with them, it might cost abit more but i guess it's worth it.  :nod:

Quote from: cubeball on July 17, 2011, 08:12:41 PM

Well, we've chosen toshiba 3+1, been using toshiba for a very very long time liao n so far no issues with them, it might cost abit more but i guess it's worth it.  :nod:

Couldn't agree more. Mine also Toshiba.

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Great help thanks..hmm as for the  imperial distributors, are they open on sat n sun..tried calling their num since sat no one picked up..

u want Aron contact no?

can pm me aron contact anyone?


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